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   Business Cash Advance

Access your future revenues today!

Gain immediate access to cash when a portion of your future credit card sales are advanced to you through a Business Cash Advance. Channel Partners provides a fast, easy way for your business to gain access to working capital today by leveraging your future sales.

The advance may be used to:
• Expand your business
• Purchase inventory
• Upgrade equipment
• Manage seasonality
• Remodel your facility
• Meet payroll
• Handle emergencies / tax liabilities
  Business Cash Advance advantages:
• Flexibility, no fixed payment or term
• No personal guaranty
• No hidden fees or late fees
• We retrieve a small fixed percentage from
   your merchant account of your daily
   transactions until your advance is paid
   off…we get paid when you get paid.

If your business processes at least $5,000 in credit transactions per month, this program may be the answer for your business.

Get a free 2 minute quote • $10,000 - $250,000 • 6 - 24 months

Business Cash Advance Comparison
Equity Loan
Cash Advance
Payments align with sales
No Late Fees
Will fund challenged credits
Easy documentation
Fast approvals
No personal guaranty/collateral
Funding in 7-10 days
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